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Project Listen is the FREE Educational Music Outreach Program of Riverside Fine Arts Association. Dynamic in-school performances engage students, sparking interest in a variety of musical genres. Project Listen serves all ages and continues growing to reach new audiences. Contact us for more information on how to schedule a Project Listen program.

Project Listen Partners with Duval County Public Schools


Riverside Fine Arts Association boasts an extensive roster of professional Jacksonville musicians who are passionate about sharing their love for music with young audiences.

Jazz Trio
Keyboard, upright bass and drum kit

A journey through the history of Jazz, the only truly American musical genre. Explores its development from unaccompanied New Orleans piano to bebop, swing, and ensemble performance, then on into funk and modern arrangements. Will use your piano, if recently tuned and in good condition.

Wood and Wire
Ukulele, acoustic guitar, dobro, electric guitars, sitar

Showcases a range of fretted instruments, with lots of historical and cultural context. Includes a wide range of styles and uses.

We Three Swing
Ukulele, bass ukulele, banjo

Trio performance, highlighting the history and versatility of the ukulele.

String Trio 
Cello, Violin, Viola

String music spanning history, from Classical to Jazz.

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Set

Energetic performance of current music, demonstrating the role of listening and teamwork in performance and improvisation.

Evolution of Rock ‘N’ Roll
Electric guitar, electric bass, full drum kit

Traces the evolution of rock ’n roll instrumentation and styles from its beginnings through present day. Electric guitar, electric bass, full drum kit.

All About Percussion
Full drum kit, marimba, upright bass, cajón and handheld instruments

Explores the nature of percussion instruments and their use by various cultures throughout history.

Ohm Glocken
Drum kit, cajón, djembe, doumbek, skin drum, tambourines, agogo, and claves

Exploring fundamentals of percussion through World music. Demonstrates the role of creativity and communication using a unique variety of instruments. Full drum kit, cajón, djembe, doumbek, skin drum, various tambourines, agogo, claves, and more.

Mere Woodward
Guitar, Ukulele

Singer/songwriter helps children explore music as a way to express their feelings. Helps boost self-esteem in a fun, positive way through her unique and uplifting folk music.

Scheduling Information

Two 30-minute programs, typically 9:00-9:30am and 9:45-10:15am. Scheduling confirmation is required two weeks prior to event date, except by arrangement. Please contact John Poage, Outreach Coordinator, at 904-389-6222 or [email protected]