Music By: FIRE & GRACE

Edwin and William have been touring together for three years. This season they are performing together all over the United States as Fire & Grace, and as part of Tom Foley’s A Celtic Christmas. Canadian-born violinist Edwin Huizinga has established himself as one of North America’s most versatile violinists. Grammy award winning guitarist William Coulter has been performing and recording traditional and classical music for over 25 years. What is Fire & Grace? An eclectic exploration into the fire and grace that connects the elements of classical, folk and contemporary musical traditions from around the world.


Art By: Lori Taylor

A Jacksonville native, Taylor has loved art and decorating since her teen years. She began her career learning picture framing in the 1980’s and progressed from there to graphic design, interior design, and later into custom paintings that beautifully highlight her store and other businesses throughout the River City. Trends is her passion and she has combined her love of art with her design experience to create a boutique/gallery that offers a unique place for local popular artists to showcase their work and new artists to bloom.

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